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2016 : A New Era for BAD Co.


As some of you may know, this January we’re entering a new age here at BAD Co as we see the expansion of our current 10BBL brewplant.

It’s been bang on 20 months since we started trading under our brewing goddess that is Britannia here at Dishforth Airfield. In that time, new staff have arrived, new casks have arrived and a load more fermenters have too! We’ve also left the comfort of cask-only and branched into the fast growing market of kegged and bottled beers – though still staying loyal to our trustee cask ale.

Due to continued support and demand, we’re happy to announce that this January, we’re installing a brand new, state-of-the-art brewery at our Dishforth site. Thus, allowing us to increase our brewing capacity to 20BBL of beer per shift – double that of our previous system.

The new plant will mean a change in our brewing techniques as we move across to a system which includes a whirlpool facility, allowing the hop flavours and aromas to become even more prominent in the finished brew. The challenge of the new system will be a big one, but an exciting one at that! Kegging and bottling will continue to remain under our control at the brewery.

This expansion comes at a time when new-wave brewing is becoming even more relevant in British society and with the new brew plant, we now have the opportunity to reach more drinkers across the UK and hopefully the world, which is pretty damn awesome!

As for the beer, our core range will remain the same in 2016 with Comfortably Numb and Wild Gravity being joined by new recipes for Love Over Gold and Dazed & Confused. Whiter Shade of Pale will also be a mainstay throughout the year as it continues to be popular amongst the low ABV crowd. On keg, you’ll see some of those above as well as the likes of Communication Meltdown and Bugeye hitting up fonts near you.

Though we’ll continue to produce specials, in 2016 we’ll be moving away from the ‘monthly’ schedule and instead concentrate on bringing you more seasonal beers. This allowing us to have more freedom in the development of the brews. Those that are set to return include the likes of Burnt Ends and Walk the Lime. In addition to the seasonal beers, we’ll have an eclectic range of oak-aged beauties available over the course of the year from our array of Islay, Speyside, Madeira, Bourbon and Brandy casks – among others.

Stay tuned for new beers in our trademark bottles as we’ll be distributing selected specials. And obviously, bottles of Numb, Gold, Gravity and Dazed will be readily available throughout the year!

Finally, we’re part of some epic events in the first few months of 2016. In January we’ll be supporting the fantastic ‘Tryanuary’ campaign and getting behind the beer industry. This leads nicely on to #craftbeerhour which we’re hosting on the 28th January. So grab your bottles of BAD Co. and meet us at 9PM in the bustling twittersphere to ask us anything you’d like about the brewery. Then the back end of February will see us repping BAD Co. with a bar at Craft Beer Rising. If you’re in London that week please come drink beer and say hi – it’ll be flipping good!

So Happy New Year everyone! It’s all hands on deck for us this year, hope to see you all soon and remember, stay BAD!


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