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Awaiting Communication

This month, we’ve been inspired by the west and have sought inspiration from the Americans. In a purely metaphorical sense, we’ve voyaged across the Atlantic to the United States, and returned via the streets of Havana. Unfortunately, we couldn’t blag a ‘research trip’. Instead, we met at our Dishforth home to discuss some fresh ideas for some new BAD Co. brews.

The first of which, was a big hitting West Coast Pale that we devised with our friends at Major Tom’s Social, Harrogate. We have a great relationship with the team over there, so we joined forces and set about brewing something exciting in keg and cask. A beer with big aroma, flavour and drinkability was the order of the day, so when the MTS chaps asked for a West Coast style, we were more than happy to set a brew-day and get to work. The extra hands on brew day are always useful, so everyone got stuck in weighing hops and mixing mash. 9 hours after arriving, our brew was almost complete. All that was left to do was to add the hop pellets during fermentation to leave this dry-hopped beer with that nosey aroma that was all so pivotal in our spec.

Our space themed West Coast Pale was complete and so ‘Awaiting Communication’ was born. One small step for BAD, one gia… (sorry, bad pun!)


Our second experiment was thought of following the huge boom in cocktail concoctions. We really wanted to tap into the idea of bringing together fruit and herbs to produce a mimic of a staple cocktail. In the beer industry, a cocktail would usually consist of half a lager, half a cider and a shot of blackcurrant. We thought it best not to go down this avenue so instead, we’ve produced a BAD Co. version of the classic Mojito. A pale ale sitting at 5.6% was the aim. A large mash bill of Golden Promise formed the malty base of this beer and in the boil, we added fresh lime to give it the citrus bite that’s so vital to any Mojito. A bucketful of mint joined the boiling wort as well as a generous helping of lactose to allow for a textured mouthfeel. Next, we sourced some Sorachi Ace pellets for dry-hopping which adds a touch of lemon cream to the nose. A dash of mint essence was added at the close to really exacerbate the fresh, cool finish that the flavoursome herb provides.

BAD Mo-Faux is its name, and it’ll be available in keg and a limited number of casks!

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