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A Whiter Shade of Pale

Whiter Shade of Pale

Introducing BAD Co’s April Special: Whiter Shade of Pale (3.4%).

We’ve made it. We’ve escaped the clutches of winter and left those short, miserable days in our wake. We’re now well into spring, the clocks have gone forward and we’re actually enjoying a bit of sunshine – even up here in Yorkshire! Rumours are that the mercury will hit higher temperatures than those of Madrid, Istanbul and even Hawaii. Yes you read correctly, Hawaii.

Before you go reaching for the sangria though, let me mention our April special.

Brewed at a beautifully refreshing 3.4%, Whiter Shade of Pale is a low gravity beer with a big hop kick. This pale ale has been brewed with just one hop, that’s not to say that we were shy with it. We’ve thrown heaps of Cascade hops into this one giving it a powerful, citrus bite. You won’t be blown away by bitterness, instead we’ve aimed to produce an easy drinking, thirst quencher.

We chucked a few kilos of torrified wheat in there too, just to beef up the body and give it a delightful, silky finish.

It’s dry-hopped with Cascade, so expect juicy grapefruit on the nose with very subtle hints of fresh, green grass.

What a way to spend an early, spring afternoon or evening. Lounging in the garden with beer in hand. Ignore the sangria for now and welcome in spring with a Whiter Shade of Pale.

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