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BAD Brewing with Friends of Ham

We’re always looking to develop new and exciting beery concoctions at BAD HQ, so when we teamed up with the fantastic team from Friends of Ham last week, we were inundated with creative ideas and notions.

Being a top quality charcuterie and stocking a range of world beers, it’s safe to say that Friends of Ham are a hot spot for international cuisine and flavours. With this in mind, we sought to create a beer that would encompass other cultural ingredients to create an innovative intercontinental BAD brew.

It’ll come as no surprise to the BAD fans out there that we wanted to pack it full of exquisite hops and give the beer our trademark aroma of juicy citrus with that beautifully bitter finish. Never one to hold back on hops, our head-brewer, Paul, really wanted this beer to pack a punch. As a result, we hopped throughout the whole brewing process, from first wort to the boil. A mixture of cascade, calypso, amarillo and summit hops went into this double-IPA with the end result predicted to hit over 500 IBU’s.

Our international twist came in the boil, with Paul adding some serious sweetness to the hoppy wort. This was in the form of Indian jaggery; the solidified sap from the Asian palm tree. It’s incredibly sugary and works exceptionally well to balance out the aggressively hopped wort.

Our plan to create a beer that encapsulates multi-cultural ingredients has thus far been a success. Trust us, we’ve tried it! The jaggery has added subtle hints of maple syrup giving this IPA a great balance of bitter sweet character. Half of the brew is set to be dry-hopped then racked, the other half will be left to mature in our oak bourbon casks.

We can’t wait to have this grace the bar, when it does we’ll be sure to let you know!

Thanks to the guys from Friends of Ham who came down and dedicated their blood, sweat and tears to this create this brew! They all got their hands dirty, and we’d especially like to thank them for the great cheap labour for us at BAD Co.!

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