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BAD Co. Beers Now Available in Keg!

After months of work and preparation, we’re over the moon to announce that BAD Co. will now be available in keg!

We received our brand spanking new key-kegs this week and they’re all set to be filled with BAD beer. It’s no secret that we’ve been making the transition into keg, but we’re delighted to inform the world that the day has come!

Head Brewer, Paul Holden-Ridgway, has been toiling away to expand our ever growing range of cask ales and this move to keg beer will hopefully see our product list grow, and grow and grow. Paul’s already laying down the blueprint on a number of keg-only beers – he’s very giddy at the moment!

In the meantime however, you’ll be seeing all of our core range in keg. Wild Gravity and Dazed & Confused will be the first to make the move, so keep an eye out for those on fonts near you. In addition to our residents being available in keg, you might also see some of our super limited edition, oak-aged beers such as Communication Breakdown and Jaggery Pokery.

Being a progressive and experimental British brewery, inspired by the American way of beer production, today is a hugely exciting day for us at BAD Co.!

If you’re a cask-only kind of person, do not fear! We’ll still be brewing our usual assortment of hop driven, progressive cask ales. In fact, we’re in the process of brewing something new and very exciting for you guys. Stay with BAD to hear more about ‘Bounty Hunter’!

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