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BAD Co. Making Waves on the BBC

Listen to Head Brewer, Paul Holden-Ridgway, talk about BAD Co.’s plans for Yorkshire’s first whiskey distillery.

When we’re in BAD Company, we can’t help thinking a bit differently…Why doesn’t real ale have more flavour? What else can we brew that’s more fun than tea? Why has no-one in Yorkshire ever opened a whiskey distillery?

Okay, hands up, most of our thoughts tend to be liquid in nature. But with a ‘best-in-show’ thumbs-up from the York Beer Festival in our first year, we’re pretty convinced that some of our BAD ideas are actually pretty good. And with Yorkshire folk being so competent (we’re trying to be modest) at so much (cricket, craft beer, countryside…) we decided to turn our closer attention to the question of the world’s first all-Yorkshire whiskey distillery – maybe with a little gin to keep it company.

With BAD Co. making brewing and distilling-shaped waves, the BBC decided to put us on the airwaves to find out more about what we’re up to. Click here to listen to York Radio’s interview with our Head Brewer, Paul Holden-Ridgway.

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