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Beerly Beloved

To top off our month of collaboration brews at BAD Co., we welcomed soon-to-be-married Matt to the brewery to conjure up a beery gift for his bride-to-be Emily, aka. his Beerly Beloved….

Beerly Beloved is a low ABV, session ale ideal for an early summer evening. Brewed as a wedding collaboration, it’s set to be an easy drinking, straw coloured ale with a fresh, clean finish. It sits at a thirst quenching 3.4% and is packed with flavour from the gorgeously aromatic Topaz hop. The Australian hops give this beer a powerful piney kick with undertones of tropical fruit and freshly cut grass.

If you’re attending the wedding, blow the froth off a few of these to get those partying juices flowing. If your invite’s been lost in the post, don’t be blue, we’ve put some aside and a limited amount of this beauty’s on sale. Get in touch to via the website, email, Twitter or Facebook to find out where you can find it.

If you would like to find out more about doing your own BAD Co. collaboration brew for a big occasion with our talented team in North Yorkshire then get in touch, we’d love to be part of making your day even more special. Send us an email to:

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