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Bounty Hunter

Introducing BAD Co’s Limited Edition Porter: Bounty Hunter (5.5%).

This month, we’re adding to our oak-aged selection of progressive, experimental beer and adding a porter to BAD Co’s growing portfolio.

We’ve formulated a rich and charismatic porter with subtle chocolate notes to form the foundations of this beer. We then got to work hand-toasting fresh coconut – our ‘brewery hand’ for the week, Jordan, got that job, and he loved it!

A bucket full of toasted coconut later and we had the crunchy, flavoursome goodness ready to add to the fermenting porter.

We threw it straight into the full FV (fermenter) and surprisingly, it took just two days to infuse the beer with its notable character. It upped the beer’s sweetness and blended fantastically well with the bitter chocolate notes that were already present in the unfermented wort. The coconut stays devoted to the beer, dropping delicate hints with every sip. The toasted nature of the coconut comes through on the aroma, and the full bodied nature of the porter gives it an uncompromising mouth feel.

Much of this is set to be aged in our in-house oak casks, so keep an eye out for Bounty Hunter in the coming months. A small amount is available in cask for immediate sale, so you may see it sooner than expected.

Watch your back, you’re the bandit and Bounty Hunter is coming!

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