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Breakin’ BAD

All you ale-drinking, beer-imbibing, stout-swilling officionados out there – listen up! We’ve got some BAD news for you, and it’s gonna make you smile. Possibly the best thing to happen to the ale industry since those mad medieval monks meddled with their mead – BAD is HERE! Oh, we’ve been comin’ for a while but, finally, you can get your sip-smackers around our beautiful, British, BAD beers. We’ve got Comfortably Numb, our thirst-quenching, golden ale that packs a powerful flavour punch; Love Over Gold, our New World Blonde Ale with fresh and fearless grapefruit twists; Wild Gravity, our rich and malty IPA for those buds that just want more; and Dazed and Confused, our modern milk stout – complex flavours for a bellyful of smiles. Mmmmmmm – straight from the tap in Blind Jack’s, or order your bottles direct from our BAD brewery today. It’s good… it’s BAD… it could get ugly! And now you can keep on top of the taps with a steady heady drip of news from camp BAD through our website and our social media channels. So, you’ve got no excuse not to keep in touch. I know – sound like your mother, don’t I?

Seriously, got an opinion? Talk to us. @wearebadco

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