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We’re starting 2016 with a fresh, relentless beer to add to our line up here at BAD Co. It’ll make you bug-eyed, so prepare yourselves.

Double IPA’s – or Imperial IPA’s – were huge hits with a number of breweries over 2015. A contemporary sub-species originally brewed by craft brewing pioneers in the U.S., the style has since washed onto our shores. And thank the Lord it did.

You might remember, but we’ve dabbled in DIPA’s before, way back in Autumn 2014 when we brewed Communication Breakdown at 7.4%. So this ain’t our first rodeo when it comes to the daddy of India Pales.

So what makes a DIPA a DIPA? Firstly, it’s a real showcase of hop power and the wonderful attributes that hop cones can impart onto a beer. Secondly, a brawny backbone of rich, sweet malt to balance those effervescent hops with a a flavourful, strong body. Whereas a simple IPA may tick the two quotes above, a DIPA ups the ante. More hops are added, more malts are added, all with the intention of smacking your tastebuds with a rollercoaster ride of flavour.

Our take on this Goliath of a style is ‘Bugeye’. It breaks the barrier for our strongest beer to date, standing at 10.6% ABV – previously Jaggery Pokery at 8.6%. The hop prominence in the aroma and flavour is high, as Apollo & Mosaic usher a smack of citrus with strong hints of pineapple and less of grapefruit. The mashbill of pale ale and caramalt impart slight caramel notes which balances the powerful, resinous hops. It hits high bitterness levels reaching approximately 130 IBU’s, but  the use of Belgian candy sugar in the boil subdues the high IBU count with a sweet, sherbert-like tang.

Bugeye will be available in pubs and bars on keg, with a limited number available on cask. Prepare to be blown away when you taste it, prepare to be bug-eyed!

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