Back to Bad Thoughts We’re all canned up! Introducing Bad Co. 360˚cans.

We’re all canned up! Introducing Bad Co. 360˚cans.

The day has arrived, BAD Co. will now be gracing your booze cupboards in beautiful cans!

The beer world’s changing, we’ve all seen the headlines about how the UK craft beer industry is breathing new life into the noble tradition of beer production. We here at BAD Co. are hugely passionate about this and as the industry changes, we’re always willing to develop our products and listen to what you guys want! CANS!

So we’re super excited to announce that from this week, three of our beautiful ales will be launched in cans across the UK! Exciting, right?!

Our launch comes in two waves, with the second wave of new canned beers coming later in the month. The first wave that’s being released this week includes stalwart and house-favourite Comfortably Numb. But alongside this, we’re launching our big-hitting 2.8% grapefruit easy ale, Slow Rider, as well as our mojito-inspired fruit beer, Summer Breeze, that weighs in at 4.5%. This summer range will keep your fridges well stocked till the start of September when we’ll be launching other favourites Love Over Gold, Wild Gravity and Dazed & Confused.

As well as being super-amazing to look at, our cans will be giving our beer the best possible protection when leaving the brewery. They protect against two of beers most fateful of enemies: light and oxygen. Both these elements can have huge detrimental impact on the flavour of our bevvies, massively effecting the quality of aroma and taste. So do not fear people, the aluminium keeps from UV and the air-tight vessel keeps O2 at bay!

As well as these qualities, they chill way quicker and are super portable. Meaning they’re the ideal complement to lunch down the park, beers at the beach or just a few when down at the boozer.

But wait! There’s more! We’re amongst one of the very first breweries in the UK to use ‘360° technology’ on our cans. This is a new breed of can allowing you to effectively turn it into a drinking vessel. Just pull the tab, peel back and slice off the lid! We firmly believe this is the best way to enjoy a canned beer, allowing all those juicy hops to splash out and smack your nose! Take a look at the image and you’ll see why we think they’re so ace!


Over two years ago when we first started hitting up bars with our new-wave beers, we set out on a mission to produce some of the best beers on the market. We’ve strived to bang as much flavour into that glass as we possibly could, constantly improving each brew as we go. It’s been a fun journey so far and we think the beer’s now at its all-time best! This expansion to cans will help further this and we can’t wait to hear your feedback on the latest BAD news!

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