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November Special: Chocolate Invasion

It’s time to start prepping people, word has arisen of an invasion!

Don’t worry, we’re not talking aliens or zombies. This invasion comes in the form of a fierce and powerful porter, arriving from that they call BAD Co.!

We’ve combined two forces of flavour to create our November special, that of mint and chocolate. You’d struggle to find someone who’s not a fan of these awesome ingredients, so why not make an awesome beer with them? Seems obvious, right?

The result is a 5.5% porter. A large mash bill with heaps of oats has strengthened the body to give the invasion a dreamy mouthfeel and the malt adds an inviting subtle toasty character. A bucketful of bitter sweet, Colombian chocolate was thrown into the boil to give the end product an authentic choccy hit. Fresh mint was thrown in for good measure as well as a generous dose of lactose to add some delicate sweetness as well as extra velvety mouth-feel.

In fermentation we added a touch of mint essence to give a fresh and floral note on the nose and really push through that minty backdrop.

So if you like a porter with a bit of something extra, let Chocolate Invasion invade your tastebuds this November. Imagine the scene, fireworks lighting up the sky, bonfire glowing in the distance, and a chocolate mint porter in hand. That sounds pretty perfect to me.

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