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Clockwork Orange

‘Welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, well! BAD Co. are releasing another limited edition brew!

A cult classic is meeting progressive British brewing this week, as we’ve developed our very own ‘Clockwork Orange’ in the form of a 4.8% Clementine & Coriander Wit.

A big zesty number was the aim. Packs of orange rind, overt sweetness and awesome drinkability were key to our first wit beer, and in our opinion we’ve come pretty close to ticking all the boxes.

A cracking aroma of freshly peeled orange and a big old hit of marmalade is an early insight into what’s to come to the palate. On the taste, a balance of lovely, bitter zest and fresh Clementine juice blends with the light malt perfectly. A refreshing, dry finish will let you drink without struggle and invite you in for another sip. And let’s not forget the coriander, which touches the back of the throat with stealth and subtlety.

A pint of Clockwork will lay bare its golden and hazy glow on any bar. As with most wheat beers it may not be clear, but who wants clear when you can have downright tasty?! At 4.8%, it’s not as relentless as Kubrick’s work nor as controversial, but well worth a try!

So ladies and gentlemen, pull up a stool, stick on some Ludwig Van and dive into a pint of Clockwork Orange.

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