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December Special: Cherry Bomb!

We’re sad to see our monthly calendar of weird and wonderful beers come to an end here at BAD Co. so we’re going out with a bang this December as we welcome Cherry Bomb to the roster.

With Cherry Bomb, we’ve looked to encapsulate a Black Forest Gateau. The retro dessert has so many qualities that can be translated in the beer world, so we went ahead and rolled with the concept.

The result is a comforting, cherry & chocolate stout. Nestled within this dark, hardy stout lie layers of rich flavour. Firstly, the large mash bill of Carafa 3 malt, amongst others, waves a delicate chocolate aroma with a drop of coffee in there for good measure. Lactose was added to the wort in the boil, helping with both texture and sweetness, allowing the end product to lace the glass beautifully.

During racking, we added Cacao nibs to further the chocolate edge. Here, we also added pulped cherries, giving the finished brew the balance of sweet, dark cherries and rich, bitter dark chocolate. Cherry Bomb packs a moderate bitterness with a generous and inviting aroma. Incredibly easy drinking, and the ideal way to see in the new year. And at 4.8%, it won’t blow your socks off either!

So that’s it! No more monthly specials for 2015. The end of an era. Reminiscent of when Pat Butcher left Eastenders.

Not to worry though, we’ve got plenty planned for 2016. So stay tuned here to see all the excitement as it happens here at BAD Co. HQ!


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