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Elderflower Fall

Introducing BAD Co.’s June Special, Elderflower Fall

Mild in May is behind us, now come the months we’ve all been waiting for, those where pale, blonde and golden ales thrive. We’ll be starting our summer seasonal collection with Elderflower Fall – no prizes for guessing the main ingredient in this one!

A smooth, easy drinking golden ale is what we really aimed for with Elderflower Fall. Something that would reflect the early summer vibes beautifully, with big refreshment and big satisfaction. Our rich and flavoursome malts are ever present, giving this golden ale a full body and generous mouth feel. Combined with an array of new world hops, the base of Elderflower Fall has all the attributes of a classic summer thirst-quencher. Next comes the addition of our vital ingredient.

To fully accentuate the prominent and fresh flavour that elderflower brings, we’ve left the addition of this to the end of the brew. Taking inspiration from our love of dry-hopping and introducing flavour as late as possible, we added heaps of flowers in fermentation to allow the sweet and tart character of the elderflower to prevail.

It’s arguably one of the best summer ingredients available. Whether used in a cordial, gin or sparkling wine, elderflower is always a great addition to any summer beverage. That’s why we added it to our beer, simple! The fresh and intense flavour goes hand in hand with those most beautiful of summer ales.

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