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Elf Juice: It’s a Festive Flavour.

Christmas. It’s a wonderful time of year for all the family round the fire, Santa and his elves up and down your chimney, presents to unwrap, Cliff Richard on repeat… But you know, like anything, you can sometimes have too much of a good thing. Sometimes you just want to feel the cold breath of winter on your face, stick on your new ‘favourite’ pullover and hop along to a craft beer palace for a carefree pint in a sprout-free zone. Sometimes, when you’re on the brink of a Christmas overdose, you just need a really good reason to get out…

So imagine my delight that the boys and girls at BAD Co. have finally given my miserable old grinch-face something to smile about. Elf Juice. That’s right. They have literally boiled up some elves, added a little cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and clove before spicing the little guys with apricots, cherries, raisins and orange until they are a liquidy, elfy, delight.

If you need a reason to take a moment and indulge yourself this Christmas, then let the reason be Elf Juice by BAD Co. Don’t let those elves die in vain*.

*OK, you got us. No elves were really harmed in the making of this beer.**

**That we know of.

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