Back to Bad Thoughts Back by Popular Demand: Elf Juice

Back by Popular Demand: Elf Juice

Back by popular demand, Elf Juice is making it’s return to our cask line up this Christmas!

A deep chestnut brown on the eye with a slightly off-white head, Elf Juice is the beery embodiment of Christmas. Its nose punches with winter spices, as scatterings of ground clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger have been added in the boil. To balance those spices we added rich sultanas and raisins, giving a sweet finish on the taste and a subtle aroma of winter fruits.

You’ve had Christmas pudding, right? If you’re a fan, then this is the beer for you. A moderate bitterness with a fistful of aroma, Elf Juice is a must-have for this festive period. And at 5.1%, it’ll bring a whole new meaning to a very ‘merry’ Christmas!

**DISCLAIMER – No Elves were harmed in the production of Elf Juice.

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