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Our Favourite Christmas Special Returns for Another Season

There’s no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than with a bottle or two of our favourite Christmas Spiced Red Ale, Elf Juice.

Its nose punches with winter spices, and we’ve gone all-out with scatterings of ground clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger have. And, just like with every good mince pie, we’ve balanced those spices we added rich sultanas and raisins, giving a sweet finish on the taste and a subtle aroma of winter fruits.

Elf Juice Gift Pack


A fan of Christmas pudding? Then this is the beer for you. A moderate bitterness with a fistful of aroma, Elf Juice is a must-have for this festive period. And at 5.1%, Elf Juice is the perfect accompaniment to a very Merry Christmas.



To start ordering your own order of festive mead, visit our online shop. And if you’re still short of gift ideas, take a look at our Elf Juice-inspired gift set, including two 330ml bottles of Elf Juice, BAD Co. goblet glass and Britannia bottle-opener; everything you need to get the festive season off with a bang.

DISCLAIMER: No elves were harmed in the brewing of this beer.

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