Back to Bad Thoughts A grand day out in York for BAD Co.

A grand day out in York for BAD Co.

It’s not just us that think our beers are great.

When Head Brewer, Paul Holden-Ridgway, suggested that we have a day out in York, we thought that a trip to Betty’s was on the cards.  No such luck, Paul had other ideas.  As it turned out, Paul had a very good idea.  “Let’s go to a beer festival!” he said.  So we did.

The York Beer Festival ( is the largest beer festival in the North of England, with over 450 real ales, 100 ciders and a foreign beer bar too and runs until Saturday 23rd September.

A great showcase for all the great beers from Yorkshire and beyond and competition is strong between the brewers to take home a medal or two.  Our 5.2% IPA, Wild Gravity won a silver medal in the Pale Ale & IPA category.  This was bettered by our special edition, coffee-infused brown ale, Burnt Ends, which won the top prize in the Dark Beer category.  But there was still better to come.  The overall champion beer award went to Dazed & Confused and is the only beer from the show to be entered into the national championships which takes place next year.

Well done Paul, that really was a good idea.

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