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Monthly Special: Blueberry Hill

This month we’re knocking up our final pale ale of the year, so we’re going to make it a good ‘un!

Blueberry Hill is its name, and uncompromising flavour is the aim. If you didn’t figure it out from its rather obvious title, our September special is all about blueberries. They’re an awesome ingredient to add to anything, so when we were blueprinting our 2015 beer list, it seemed obvious to stick some of those in the mix.

What beer to make with blueberries though? A malt balanced red ale? How about a rich blueberry porter? In the end we plucked for a robust pale ale, where the power of the blueberry could be showcased to full effect. A good balance of malt and hops lays the base of the ale before handfuls of plump blueberries are added in the cask. The super fresh blueberries then absorb the liquid, split and release the potent juice that fuses perfectly with the beer.

Staying away from session strength, Blueberry Hill hits 5% ABV so that the sweet character from the effervescent fruit can tickle the tastebuds before delivering its drinker a subtle warmth after swallowing. What better way to end summer than with a fresh, fruity pale with plenty of malty sweetness and a big blueberry twang.

So Blueberry Hill marks the end of our 2015 special pale ales. Sad times.

Before you get too upset though, next month will see the release of our big stout and porter range. Something to whet your whistle for end of year festivities!

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