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Mud Puddle

Introducing BAD Co.’s May Special: Mud Puddle (3.4%)

This month, we’re on a mission to create a new wave of beer dedicated to the age old tradition of a pint of mild down the local.

It’s fair to say that the mild has fallen out of fashion over recent years. Whilst IPA’s and Stouts have been soaring to revolutionary beery heights, the humble mild has been left hanging off the cliff of extinction. But this month, we’re handing it a lifeline and joining the drive to re-establish the British icon.

Mud Puddle is a new-world mild, taking the original characteristics of the classic style and blending it with our progressive brewing practices. It’s a well-balanced mild with plenty of malt character, oozing hints of caramel throughout. To complement those sweet notes, we’ve added heaps of salt giving it that classic flavour of beautiful salted caramel. To top off our May special, we poured lashings of Ethiopian hot chocolate in the boil. The rich chocolate complements the salted caramel perfectly and gives Mud Puddle a lovely smooth finish.

May is the month of the mild, if you love big flavour with low ABV, grab a pint of Mud Puddle and support the revival of the British classic!

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