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Our Latest and BADest Collab Brews

Last Monday, collaboration was the word of the week at BAD HQ as we welcomed some pretty awesome guys down to the brewery for a week of unbridled brewing fun.

Our first guests were those from the sublime London based brew-pub, Tap East. Head Brewer, Jonny Park, joined forces with BAD’s mastermind, Paul Holden-Ridgway, to conjure up a new age classic in the form of an India Brown Ale. It may have been bank holiday Monday, but the chaps got hard at work shifting a tonne of malt to give this beer the bold malt character which has forged the legacy of the legendary brown ale. Being loosely based on an American brown, we added handfuls of brown sugar to help add to the sweetness brought by the malt. We didn’t get over excited when it came to the hops and as a result, the end product weighs more on the sweet side than that of the bitter. We’ve approached the complex flavour base of the brown ale from a common American angle, allowing chocolate to exude on both the aroma and the taste. This collab brew is yet to be named and will stand at a powerful 7.4% and has the typical dry finish of all those beers brewed at BAD Co. Tap East have popped our brown ale cherry here at BAD, and it feels good!

The second collaboratives that graced us with their presence were top beer bloggers’ Rob Derbyshire (of HopZine) and Stuart Pickard (of Ging Real Ale Trail). Their intentions were similar to those of Tap East’s, create a kick-ass brown ale! The guys wanted to produce the ultimate accompaniment to barbecued meat, just in time for the BBQ season. As ever with our collab brews, the chaps got their hands dirty, shifting bags of malt to throw in the mash. The malt is again the most important part of this beer and from it, we have drawn beautiful nutty notes that complement every glug. Its colour is similar to that of caramel immersed in light treacle, like a night sky engulfed by a roaring bonfire. Oats were added in the mash giving the end product a smooth, full body. We gave the wort time to ferment before adding heaps of freshly ground coffee which has left its mark on the beer and added even more character. This results in a complex and tasty brown ale, rich in nuts and coffee. To complete the boys’ day at BAD Co., we invited the utterly fantastic, barbecue legend, Andy Annat, to the brewery who cooked up a mouth-watering feast of cooked meat, charred veg and magic sauces! This finished a day of formulating the perfect BBQ beer, rather nicely! Burnt Ends will be a not-too-shabby 6.7% Brown Ale and will be ready just in time for your early summer barbecues!

Thanks to all three of the gents who joined us at BAD Co. Their beers will be available in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check them out at their respective twitter pages: @TapEast, @HopZine and @Stuart_Pickard for awesome beers, reviews and write ups! Thanks must also go to the 3 time UK barbecue champion, Andy Annat. Check out his food, you will not regret it! @AndyAnnat

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