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Pitcher this: Art & Craft Ale

You know, it’s like we’ve always said. Those artistic types, they’ve got great taste. What would make a bunch of beerhall bears like us say that? Sure, we can mix it up with the best of them when we have to, but most of the artists we tangle with are tattoo artists and…use your imagination.

Well, the Loughran Gallery ( is launching Dave White’s new ‘Albion’ exhibition on October 8th. Knowing their audience like they do discerning palettes, flavour fiends, a little you know maybe even a little picky they’ve opted for nothing but the best. That’s right the brightest minds in the art world are going to be getting a little Comfortably Numb while they drink in Dave White’s visual feast. Feast for the eyes, feast for the soul.

Speaking of soul, we can’t wait to see how our southern colleagues down in the big smoke – Craft Central itself, capital of Craft Ale UK – enjoy our northern flavours. Exciting times! And if you feel like taking in something a little different, why not slide along to the exhibition yourself? ‘Albion’ is open to you and me from 9-25 October, Iris Studios, Adrian Mews, Ifield Road, SW10 9AB. Enjoy.


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