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Pre-Beer Festival

Watch out the the Vikings are coming. No, wait…Watch out Vikings, BAD Co is coming and it’s going to be brew-tal. Oh man, our insides are bubbling in anticipation of dropping our beer festival cherry and bringing our beautiful, tastebud-tantalising crafty new ales to the masses at York Beer and Cider Festival next week. Thanks to CAMRA for putting the ‘festiv’ into ‘festival’ & when else would you find bratwurst and the Grand Old Uke of York Ukelele Band in one room? A feast for all the senses. We’re busy making our preparations back at the clubhouse for the beer’s brewing and the kegs are chilling while we complete just a final few taste checks. That’s right, this is one tough gig. And who knew our master brewer had such a fine horn? (Guys, that’s a Viking reference…). So bring your horned helmets along and visit us next week. Here’s what you need to know…

Where: York Knavesmire near the race course (what, horses, Vikings and beer? Wild)

When: 17-20 September

Time: Imbibe it up from 17.30-23.00 on the 17, and from 12.00-23.00 on the 18, 19 and 20

For the true CAMRA-registered beer boffins amongst you the York Beer and Cider Festival is £1 and nothing but nothing costs £1 any more – and for you flighty pieces who have not yet joined the party it’s a whole £3. Come along and sample our baddest, bestest beers. Cheers!

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