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Summer Thyme is here!

Summer Thyme is exactly what it says on the pump clip. A beer packed with summer and thyme.

We’re not using summer in a metaphorical sense here – we wouldn’t argue with you if you did though! But we’ve literally packed it with summer. Beautiful Australian ‘Summer’ hops are the predominant aroma and bittering hop used in the easy-drinking, session ale.

Summer Thyme is a hop driven pale ale with a sparkling, golden colour which captures the light fantastically. It’s dry-hopped with summer hops so expect a fruity aroma and generous grassy notes. We’ve then blended this during fermentation with a handful of fresh thyme, adding to the grassy hints and leaving an ever so subtle, herby finish.

The ABV of 3.8% is a nod to everyone out there who enjoys nothing more than a few beers in their garden in this cracking sunshine. It’s sessionable and fresh as a daisy.

Like the weather, Summer Thyme won’t be around for long, so take full advantage!

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