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The Story of Mogwai

Nestled in the depths of Dishforth Airfield lies a sleeping monster, kept hidden from civilisation so not to bring upon the world a plague of evil. But there comes a time when this irrational demon can be restrained no more. I have a warning for you people, that time is now.

For the last three weeks, the Mogwai has been held captive within a vessel below 10°C. Inside the tank, it’s grown and evolved into a scarily strong, furiously bitter beast. In a bid to end the spirit’s dark and evil grasp upon the human race, the Mogwai has been drained of its fearsome, black soul and had it contained in the only vessels available: casks and kegs.

Unable to survive in the confinement of cask, the Mogwai has escaped. Fortunately for the human race, it has some noticeable characteristics which will give adequate warning if you were to come across the frightening spirit.

Firstly, a smokey aroma of Lapsang Souchong tea and a soft hint of aged whiskey wood. Beneath this, pungent Cascade hops arise and release soft hints of citrus and flora. On the eye, Mogwai is dark and unapologetic. And finally, the taste is a complex array of smokey, dark malts joined by subtle grapefruit and rounded off by a spiky, spiced finish*.

Sleep with one eye open this November, for the Mogwai will be waiting to pounce. Whatever you do, DO NOT attend the Sparrow Bier Cafe on the evening of the 26th November. Rumour has it, the demon will be present!**

*The person who made these notes, has never been seen again.

** Please do come! We’re launching the cheeky devil at the Sparrow Bier Cafe, Bradford on Thursday night. See you there!

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