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Walk the Lime

Introducing BAD Co’s July Special, Walk the Lime

This month, we’ve made it our mission to conquer a tasty, dessert style beer to add to our 2015 roster of ales. Based on one of our favourite desserts, Walk the Lime is the ale equivalent of a fat slice of Key Lime pie, topped with sweet clotted cream.

Sounds a bit weird, right? Yep, we agree! But that’s not to say it doesn’t work!

So the perfect Key Lime pie consists of 3 vital components. Firstly, a rich, crumbly crust. Secondly, a sweet, zesty filling. And finally, the fluffy meringue topping.

Translating this American favourite into a beer has been our best experiment to date!

To replicate the crust, we’ve used a mash bill consisting of rolled oats and Golden Promise malt with the aim of unearthing sweet hints of biscuit. The masses of malt and oats also helped to create a wort with the texture that’s so typical of a Key Lime filling: smooth and silky. And when combined with a generous helping of lactose, creates a full body and a velvet mouthfeel.

Then came the question of hops. Which hop could reflect the lime flavour of the pie? We chose Sorachi Ace, with its common characteristics of citrus and an ever-so-subtle hint of cream. We went heavy on the hops too, – as per! – both in the boil and in fermentation to give it big hop flavour and generous aroma. To finish, we gave those fragrant hops a helping hand and chucked a load of fresh lime zest into fermentation to really exacerbate the citrus bite.

Unfortunately we couldn’t find any place for the meringue! We’re hoping that when pulled through a sparkler however, that a creamy, ivory head will provide the perfect illusion of the trademark fluffy topping.

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